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Take advantage of all the web can do, and for what you want to do. Don't be limited by what someone else imagined, build whatever you can imagine. Write your own blog, run a shop, publish and sell your photography, have fun, tell a story, invent a new way of telling stories, teach, share, whatever!

Pandita is Where You Build Your Own Web Apps

Using Indu, our new programming language, and your everyday browser you can build, run and share new web apps. Use the apps that someone else has created with a single click, copy apps and make them your own with a second click, share them with your friends with a third click.

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Indu: A programming language for the web

Indu is a single programming language that replaces HTML, CSS, JavaScript and your server-side language. An Indu program will run in the browser, and on the server. Instead of learning four quirky, different languages, learn one.

Indu has been designed to be accessible to non-programmers and easy to learn. It's still growing: now the's the time to help shape its future. And it will be open sourced.

Language Features

Build your app from objects

begin site using blog
  using heading(text: "tqa")
    with font(family: "Helvetica Neue",
              weight: 100,
              size: 36pt)
  end heading
end site

English-like syntax

length is 100px
set area to length * width
set text of label to "Hello, world!"
call draw of box with (colour: "red")

Everything is an object

begin todo-item
  completed is false
  text is ""
end site
begin new-item using todo-item
  text is "Fortunately, the milk"
end new-item
append new-item to todos of list

Want to know more?

Read the Indu overview to find out everything Indu can do right now.

Indu Overview

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Pandita and Indu are still growing. If you're interested in shaping the future of web apps, now's the time to get involved. Leave your email address to get an invitation to join the alpha program.

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