Jan 18, 2023 | gga

Who is teaching experts?

Much writing about learning and teaching focuses on teaching skills to novices. I’m thinking a lot about teaching experts. Who is writing and talking about that?

People only spend a very short period as a novice, they spend much more of their time as an expert. But where’s the focus on learning as an expert?

Professions with CPD requirements must have something. Though, I find a lot of their thinking to be around providing evidence of learning. Certifications, etc.

Is it that, even as an expert, when you start learning a new skill you’re a novice, and therefore novice learning approaches work? But then at the micro-scale like that, surely you’re almost instantly not-a-novice.

Is it actually that all learning is pretty much the same and this novice/expert distinction (when it comes to learning) is irrelevant? At least when it comes to pedagogy — not material.


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