Jan 19, 2023 | gga

Something I'm Enjoying: Oddly Influenced

Something I’m enjoying!

Oddly Influenced, a podcast about how people have applied ideas from outside of software to software. As a generalist who specialises, I’ve found that I can do really interesting things by applying ideas and models from other industries to the problem I’m looking at right now. I’m primed to love the concept. (For example, I think edtech can learn a lot from healthcare about evidence. More to come on that.)

However, I don’t know about you, but I find podcasts good for entertainment. Something to put on in the background when I’m doing something else and don’t feel like listening to music. If I really want to learn something or think deeply and with nuance, I’ll look for something to read.

But this is different. Great summaries of interesting and complex ideas, and interesting stories about those ideas have been applied. Recently, the author, Brian Marick, has started digressing into discussions about how to explain ideas. More like this please!


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