Mar 22, 2023 | gga

Blogging Again

I started blogging in 2007. I think this makes me a second-wave blogger. I’ve built up a decent library of posts over on my personal site. And I’ve moved that site, and all it’s posts, across three platforms and two domains. But, it’s never been my job, just something I’ve occasionally enjoyed. This is borne out by my very sporadic posting.

It’s always been a great way to think out loud, especially when I’m learning something. And now that I’m building a VM and running a start-up, I’m learning more than ever before.

There will be two main topics for this blog for now: what does great training, teaching and learning look like and how could technology make that better? And, for something completely different, insights into building the technology behind Pandita – mostly, the new programming language.

Unfortunately, blogging is heavily used in content marketing. Obviously, Pandita needs to be marketed. I’m not going to try to pretend otherwise. But, I’ll aim to have something to say, not post things that could have been generated by an AI. Words I hope I don’t come to regret! Done well, serial writing is a form of education. That is going to be the aim of this blog, and Pandita, too.

I hope you can stick around, join in with my learning, and help me learn.


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