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Everyone should be able to be part of the web

The web is already an amazing part of our lives. We do so much with it. As long as you're able to find someone to build your part of the web for you. It should be much easier.

Starting with teaching and learning, Pandita's mission is to make it as easy to create for the web as it is to record a video.

The story of Pandita

The idea for Pandita first emerged when a friend complained that his son could not get into programming if all the devices he used were locked down.

The web isn't locked down: he could program that. Except… have you tried to program the web? It's extraordinarily hard. It should not be.

But does anyone care? It's pretty abstract: things would be better if this esoteric skill were more widely accessible. Why does it matter? What are we missing out on?

Learning. Technology can be an amazing tool for learning, teaching, exploring and creating. Pandita is here to enable all that. And we're starting with learning. It matters.

Meet our amazing team

Giles Edwards-Alexander


About our name

Pandita, the Sanskrit word, means learned or wise; a scholar or teacher. Pandita, this platform, is your companion and guide while you learn create and share.

Indu, the Hindi name, is the typical diminutive form of Indira: a name of some significance to the author of the Indu programming language, that sits at the heart of Pandita.

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