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The future of advanced technology training environments

Pandita enables industry-leading technology trainers to create advanced training labs 10x faster than before. Ensuring higher quality, immersive training environments for learners, and a more adaptive platform for trainers.


Creating advanced training material for top 1% technology learners has never been so easy


Customize your training to focus on industry-specific topics with ease. Experience more immersive incidents and environments than ever before.


Create complex lab environments faster than ever before using our extensive collection of components. Saving you time, energy and mental effort.

Low Friction

With web-based access, you can train from any location, simply by sharing a URL with your learners.

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Not only the perfect learning environment for your training needs, but also for your learners and their employers.

Component Library

Hundreds of components ready to be used to create engaging lab environments quickly.

Web Based

All you need to share is a URL: no downloads, no friction. Use with your existing training stack.

Learner Hub

Learners have a home for their learning with access before, during and after training sessions.

Flexible Training

Set tasks to be completed asynchronously, letting learners access in their own time.

Performance insights

Actionable insights for trainers, learners and employers, helping everyone measure learning goals.


Whether you want to share exercises, live-view, or chat, Pandita has you covered.

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Supercharging learning for everyone

We create a virtuous circle for learning across trainers, learners, and employers. Making actionable and measurable learning progress visible for everyone.


Gain feedback on labs and exercises to understand what content is working, and what content needs attention.


Have a library of learning material to return to after training is complete, helping to maintain knowledge.


Are able to receive automated analytics and reports on individual learners and content completed.


Signing up today lets you secure our Founder pricing plan, a signficantly discounted price tier, for life.


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  • Early access
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Frequently Asked Questions

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