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Create interactive exercises in less than a day. Blend these exercises into your classes or keep your students engaged and learning between lessons

Teaching remotely is great

No more commuting between classes. You can teach students wherever they are in the world. You can teach from anywhere in the world. You can experiment with different class sizes. You can try entirely different teaching styles: lectures, seminars, moderated Q&A.

But, teaching remotely is hard

Your students are just a two-dimensional picture on the screen. Body language is harder to follow. You can't look over their shoulders and see how they're really going when they "yeah, get it." In larger classes, you might be looking at a screen full of black squares.


  • Runs in your web browser
  • Works on mobile and desktop
  • Simple drag and drop exercise building interface
  • Contains a large set of building blocks to get started
  • Unlimited, open-ended interactivity
  • Tweaking and editing exercises is as easy as completing the exercise
  • Built-in support with sharing with students, and for students to share with each other.

How it works


Create interactive exercises

Start with our wide selection of tools and templates to create something enjoyable and educational.


Share it with your student

Quickly tweak it to match a student's individual goals and challenges, or simply what you covered in the last lesson.


See what they create

You will be able to see where they take your ideas and what they struggle with as they work with your exercise.

Pandita is getting ready to launch. Help us shape the future of remote education and creation.

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