Oct 6, 2022 | gga

Growing a language?

Programming languages, like real languages, are big, sprawling things. You can’t expect to design a big, sprawling thing right. Instead, a language will adapt as it’s used; new features will be added as people need them; existing features will adjust; old features will need to be removed. This video is a masterpiece. A perfect illustration of how a language should change over time.

That’s a pretty technical video. If you don’t want to watch that, there’s a few things that we will be considering as we grow Indu.

  • Things grow better when you start with a few small, simple parts that add together well.
  • Nothing grows in isolation, it needs to be tended by many people.

This is why this blog exists. As new features are added, or old features are changed, we’ll announce it here. More importantly, before announcing that a change has been made we’ll be discussing what a change should look like, as well.



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