Mar 29, 2023 | gga

Thoughtleadership is Teaching

“Content marketing is telling jokes where every punchline is exactly the same.” Have you heard that too? Sounds like good advice, right? It’s pretty focused.

But would you want to go to a stand-up gig like that?

Content marketing done badly is telling jokes where every punchline is the same. Your audience will get tired, and pretty quickly stop being your audience. How can you elevate your content marketing?

Firstly, remember the marketing fundamentals. Who is your target? Who is your segment? What is the position you can take with that audience where you can lead?

Secondly, when you’re attempting to lead a group through your writing and your thinking, you’re teaching.

Great thoughtleadership is indistinguishable from education.

Focus on what’s novel about your position, understand your audience’s motivation and approach from that angle. And don’t be afraid to learn out-loud. It may be education, but it’s only the first rough draft of the text book.


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